Does Your Resume Check These 7 Boxes?

Your resume is your professional representation, and it speaks volumes about your personality. To get a call for an interview, you have to ensure that your resume stands out.

The basics of resume writing have always been the same. However, with the shift to an online platform you have to make certain tweaks to the content. Here are some vital points you should focus on:

Covering the Basics:
The foremost objective of a resume is to showcase your relevant skills and achievements. This includes filling out all the required fields, such as skills, certifications and relevant job experience. It is always advised to fill out the resume according to the job you’re applying for.

Look for References:
Reference resumes are always helpful for someone writing their resume for the first time. Sample resumes are a great place to start. You can search with relevant job categories to get a better idea of how to proceed. It is one of the most effective ways to learn and build an impressive resume.

Short and Simple:
Most resumes are usually rejected by recruiters for being too lengthy. Thus, a good strategy is to make it short and concise. Try to limit your resume to at most two pages. Again, here is where reference resumes come in handy to help you figure out what details to include. It’s also imperative to consider the sort of work you are applying for and build your resume accordingly.

Call Attention to your Achievements: 
Instead of listing your job duties, select your top three or four most important achievements in each role you’ve held. Wherever possible, include numbers that measure your success for a particular goal or achievement. You might also consider including a separate section to highlight relevant achievements in your education, career, volunteer work or other experiences.

Use Keywords to get Highlighted:
Always draft your resume keeping the job offer in mind. It always indicates the kind of person the employer is looking for. Keep in mind details such as level of experience, qualifications and necessary skills. You can then reuse those words in your resume to capture the attention of a recruiter. Another good practice is to highlight sections which make it easier to read.

Proofread and Edit:
Before sending your resume, you should proofread it multiple times to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. You can use various online tools or ask your friends and colleagues. It is helpful for an objective third party to look at your resume to help you find ways to correct or improve it.

Keep it Unique:
Before submitting your resume, it’s always good to ask “Have I made it easy for potential employers to see that I’m qualified?” This ensures that you go over your resume and check to see if it properly demonstrates this. Make sure you include the most relevant information on your resume, organize and highlight the important sections and carefully review for errors. Once your resume is refined and finalized, it should help you get more call-backs, land better interviews, and ideal job offers.

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