6 tools that can be helpful in managing my WFH team

Working from home was never this normal, people went to the office for work. But this pandemic taught people to stay at home and also work from home.

Since work from home was never normal, people tend to lose focus and get distracted with other things.

So here are 6 tools that can be used to manage a team.

  1. Slack : it is a private chat room where team meetings and company meetings or video conferences can be done replacing the old school email system. Slack is one of the most popular tools used by companies nowadays to manage their employees.


Let’s check the pros:

  • Low pricing: slack is free upto 10k messages and also provides 5gb free storage.
  • Complete privacy in messages and calls. Has a 2 step authentication program.
  • Easy to navigate and keep a track on work by the team’s leaders and managers.
  • @mentions can be done to people , also slash commands for shortcut keys for creating new channels or do any other work.
  • Filter search is one of the salient feature of slack.


Now let’s take a stroll at the cons:

  • Not very much mobile friendly.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the work dashboard.


  1. Liquid planner: It is a cloud based software which includes budgeting, time tracking, document management, portfolio management and also collaboration. Its simple drag and drop user interface makes it very easy to work with.


Let’s check the pros

  • Scheduling and management: when dates of projects are changed the software automatically adapts the date and schedule for the whole project changes accordingly creating an ease at working online.
  • It shows or keeps a track on how much work is divided among the team members and how much work is done avoiding the deadline to meet any project.
  • Budget tracking: helps to track the bills, expenses, cost assignments and pay rates. Also helps in managing time and giving a real time tracking with a tracking sheet.


Now for the cons:

  • Not very user friendly at first.
  • It is on the expensive side to buy and use.
  • Not easy to track anything if the no. of projects are more.
  • Cannot create private workspace or projects.


  1. Time doctor: it is work from home employee management software. Helps in tracking time and also lists the websites or applications viewed when working in this software. Time doctor takes timely screenshots of the employees’ screen.


Pros of using time doctor:

  • It has a free trial and also a free version.
  • Helps in online as well as offline tracking and actively monitoring the employees.
  • Effective for freelancers


Looking at the cons:

  • Not very mobile friendly.
  • User interface is of old format.
  • The paid version varies from $5.5 to $9.9


  1. Google online suite: it is an online platform with all the services provided by google packaged in one.



  • Gives a storage of 10gb to unlimited space based on the plans you choose.
  • Great for collaborating with different people.
  • Very user friendly.



  • There are so many options available that it gets a little tricky for small or new companies to work here.
  • It does not have a free version or trial period.
  • Customer support is not good. Delay is addressing bugs and problems.


  1. Zoom : online video conferencing platform. With best video and audio solutions and private rooms.



  • Can be used by a large no. of people.
  • Free version available.
  • Variety of settings
  • Easy and simple user interface.



  • Not for billing and money related.
  • Works good only with good internet connection.


  1. Fleep : it is a light weight software. That integrates with various organizations, clients, channels and even mails through video calls and conferences and meetings in various devices across fleep users.



  • Very much user friendly.
  • Upgraded compared to its competitors
  • Video call facility.
  • Has a free version and trial period.
  • Has a search option.



  • No mute option available
  • Collaboration is very limited.

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