6 tips on how to master an online job interview

Online job interviews are becoming increasingly popular due to COVID – 19.  The employers and candidates meet and interact using ZOOM, GO-TO-MEETING, Google Meet, or any other web-conferencing platforms.

Always remember whether you are appearing for in-person or online interview, our goal should always remain the same; make an impact and get the job!

Here are 6 tips on how to ace your online job interview:

  1. Test your Tech:

Check you Wi-Fi connection and sit at a place which gives you best internet speed and is also well lit. Check your camera, microphone and other gadgets that you will be needing during the interview. The interviewer will not wait for you.

  1. Find an ideal area and eliminate distractions

Find the area in your house which is well lit and has minimum or no distraction – like switching off your mobile, tv or any other gadgets. Also see that your room is neat and tidy. Your first impression is your last impression.

  1. Be prepared

Research about the company, the product, and the industry thoroughly. Be prepared for the worst questions that can come your way. A well-researched candidate has 80% higher chances to get hired.

  1. Check common interview questions

You may not know exactly what the interviewer will ask, but here are some common interview questions:

Why are you leaving your current job?

Do not use this opportunity to criticise your current employer, instead, detail upon your future career plans and how this role is aligned towards same.

What are your weaknesses?

Employers want an authentic answer here. Show how you transformed a negative attribute into a positive one.

Why should we hire you?

Summarise your experience and emphasise on your strengths. The interviewer is interest to know how you can add value to the organisation not vice-versa.

  1. How should I dress

Dress yourself as you would have done for an in-person interview; for men, wear a button-up shirt, or for women, that could be a salwar suit, saree or a formal dress. “Dress to impress”

  1. Be yourself

Do not read from a piece of paper, speak the truth, talk confidently. Do not look like you are in doubt or very confused. Be Calm. Be Composed.

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