4 Reasons Why Recruiters Don’t Contact You on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn an employment-oriented online service that operates
via websites and mobile apps. The platform is mainly used for
professional marketing and allows job seekers to post their
CVs and employers to post jobs. If you have a premium
account on LinkedIn, you can see who visited your profile and if
you haven’t heard from the person it might make you feel
worried about the response. So what do you need to improve
your chances?
Your marketing- whether it’s your resume,
your networking pitch- can always be changed. You should
always revise your marketing accordingly as your interests
change, you gain more experience, or you update your skillset.
It’s good to improvise your profile as per your interests.
Here are 4 reasons why a recruiter viewed your profile and
decided not to reach out:
1) Recruiter got to your profile because of one set of criteria
and then the search changed.
At the beginning of the search, it’s hard to know what exactly
the employers prioritize. Obviously, they give their best guess
and work hard off that to start. But once the search is
underway, and they start interviewing candidates the criteria
become more nuanced.
For example- suppose a recruiter is working on an executive-level search where the priority is operational experience.
However, there are many people on LinkedIn in search of
jobs for the same level but experience varies. Firstly the
employer goes through a broad list but once it gets to know more about what his client needs, he just goes with the subset
of the broad list. That has nothing to do with your profile, just
the client’s need.
2) Recruiter did reach you, and you missed it.
Many times this happens that a recruiter receives a message
from the potential candidates that they ‘just’ saw the
message. Most of the times they mention that they didn’t
check LinkedIn, their notifications were off, didn’t realize
that LinkedIn was connected with E-mail.
Check your own settings and the habit of procrastination.
Check whether your email is connected with LinkedIn, do you
have your notifications turned on? And do you actually read
them? When you get emails from people you don’t know, do
you view them to check if it’s a legit opportunity? When you
get unsolicited calls or emails, do you respond to them in a
timely manner? Or do you respond only when you need
3) Your profile matched a keyword but didn’t have enough of it
for further consideration.
Sometimes your profile does draw attention as it was tied
with a keyword, but there isn’t enough of a match for further
review. For example, if a recruiter search for a designer who
needed to have knowledge about After Effects, and animation
software. If the recruiter got your profile and saw that you
used After Effects many years ago and not since, he might
not call you as he will get more candidates with more recent
Suppose you have mentioned After Effects as one of your
skills but haven’t used it frequently. Depending upon the list of

more candidates the recruiter has he might not go further
with your profile because it matches a little but not enough.

4) You’re still on the radar but haven’t been called yet.
In the above example of having some After Effects but not
enough. The recruiter still might call you. As the search gets
underway, it becomes apparent that After Effects is one
criteria and actually there are other things the employer
prioritizes, so they’ll go lighter on After Effects for someone
heavier like team management experience or B2B
marketing. Jobs are not decided on a single factor.
In this case, earlier if you weren’t approached because of After
Effects but you have a good experience of team management
or B2B marketing you might get a call. The search might have
been handed off to another recruiter and so it looks like you
were dismissed by the other recruiter, but actually, you weren’t.

Given that a lack of outreach isn’t necessarily a bad sign, why
don’t you reach out directly?
If you’re interested in getting to know the recruiter- say, they
specialize in your target industry and you should know each
other, reach out directly. Let them know, they popped on your
LinkedIn feed and you are really interested and you should be
prepared for the recruiter to accept your invitation and even to
schedule an exploratory interview .

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